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Quick and Convenient Currency Conversion

Increase your sales and improve your service to international customers with currency conversion and multi-currency pricing from DCC Merchant Services. You can boost your profits while simultaneously attracting more foreign business. Whether your customer is an international tourist struggling with currency conversion or a business traveler looking to simplify an expense report, they'll love our system. We offer a full range of merchant services at some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Getting switched on is fast and easy; most merchants don't have to upgrade their terminal or point-of-sale system, the systems are provided at no cost to merchants, and customers do not pay bigger fees.

Our currency conversion system will smooth transactions with customers who use foreign currencies.

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About Us

DCC Merchant Services was established in early 2005. From the beginning, DCC has specialized in efficient, affordable and secure US credit card processing, as well as foreign processing, including dynamic currency conversion and multi-currency pricing. DCC was among the first to market in the U.S. with dynamic currency conversion and multi-currency pricing, and we offer considerable expertise in this area. The company's senior management and management teams have decades of experience in the credit card processing industry. Learn More >>

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